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picture of Dr Daniela Damian, Associate Professor and Lab Director of the SEGAL Group at the University of Victoria

SEGAL is a research facility in the Computer Science Department of University of Victoria, BC. We carry out research to improve the collaboration of geographically distributed software development teams. Global software development has become the common practice in the software industry, and the current pandemic created a major shift in how most software organizations operate and leverage open innovation by involving a global workforce. The ability to develop software at remote sites in projects allows organizations to ignore the geographic distance and benefit from access to a qualified resource pool and reduced development costs. However, large software projects in such large organizations or IT ecosystems involve complex interactions across organizational, functional as well as national, cultural and socio-economic boundaries, making their study important but difficult. In our research projects we employ a synergy of empirical methods, data mining and social network analysis techniques to understand these complex interactions as well as develop methods, processes and tools to improve the effectiveness of communication and coordination in large, distributed software projects. Check out a 2014 report on our Research Programme and the list of our recent publications for results of our work.
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REACH Awards (Excellence in teaching awards)

Daniela Damian is a critically reflective educator and leader in software engineering, who has created innovative cross-cultural experiential learning practices... Read More →

MSc and PhD positions in SEGAL!

Our lab  is seeking applications for MSc and Doctoral research positions in the area of software ecosystems. The research pertains to... Read More →


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