Welcome, I am Braden Simpson, a graduate student at the SEGAL lab with a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering option. I have industry experience from previous coop placements at IBM and SUBNET, and I have helped develop multiple open source projects such as, and My research interests are  collaboration in Shared Workspaces, as well as Data Mining, Agile methods,  and Software Architecture.

See my github account here.

Research Interests

I have done research regarding fix-inducing changes in large software projects, using social data and data mining techniques to construct socio-technical networks among developers. My most current research is with the Aduno project.  An open-source, real time collaboration tool for task creation and articulation in a group.  More information on the project can be found at the project’s github, or the project’s homepage.


Braden Simpson, Eirini Kalliamvakou, Nathan Lambert, Daniela Damian. Aduno: Real-Time Collaborative Work Design In A Shared Workspace In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering (CHASE), San Francisco, USA, 2013 (to appear).

Braden Simpson. Changeset Based Developer Communication to Detect Software Failures In Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE ’13) Student Research Competition (SRC), San Francisco, USA, 2013 (to appear).

A copy of my CV can be found here. My LinkedIn profile can also be viewed here.

Braden Simpson

MSc Student

My Research Projects

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