Waqar Hussain

I am a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the SEGAL research lab, University of Victoria. I obtained my PhD degree in Software Engineering from Auckland University of Technology in December 2016 and joined SEGAL in Oct 2017. I am interested in understanding the complex relationship between human aspects of software development and the use of collaborative technologies. My research areas include Requirements Engineering, Collaborative Software Development, and contemporary software engineering methodologies such as Agile, Lean, Continuous Delivery and (Global) DevOps.  I am a practically oriented researcher but actively teach students of Software Engineering and carry out research in the field of computing education.

Conference Papers

  1. W. Hussain, T. Clear, and S. MacDonell, “Emerging trends for global DevOps: a New Zealand perspective,” in Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Global Software Engineering, 2017, pp. 21-30.
  2. Hussain, W., Zowghi, D., Clear, T., Macdonell, S., & Blincoe, K., (2016). Managing Requirements Change the Informal Way:When Saying ‘No’ is Not an Option. 24th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering, Beijing, China.
  3. Peters, A. K., Hussain, W., Cajander, A., Clear, T., & Daniels, M. (2015). Preparing the Global Software Engineer. IEEE 10th International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE), 2015 doi:10.1109/ICGSE.2015.20.
  4. Hussain, W., & Clear, T. (2014). Spreadsheets as collaborative technologies in global requirements change management.IEEE. 9th International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE) 2014.
  5. Clear, T., Hussain, W., & MacDonell, S. G. (2012). The Many Facets of Distance and Space: The Mobility of Actors in Globally Distributed Project Teams. IEEE 7th International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE), doi:10.1109/ICGSE.2012.

Workshop Papers

  1. Hussain, & Blincoe, K., (2016). Establishing Trust and Relationships through Video Conferencing in Virtual Collaborations: An Experience Report on a Global Software Engineering Course. IEEE 11th International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE), California, USA
  2. Hussain, W., Buchan, J., & Clear, T. (2014). Managing Requirements in Globally Distributed COTS Customization. IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering Workshops (ICGSEW), 2014 doi:10.1109/ICGSEW.2014.13
  3. Hussain, W., & Clear, T. (2012). GRCM: A Model for Global Requirements Change Management. 2nd International Requirements Engineering Efficiency Workshop (REEW 2012), Essen, Germany.

Doctoral Symposiums

  1. Hussain, W., Reflections on Requirements Change Management In Global Software Development: A Multiple Case Study. 11th International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE ’16). California, USA.


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Waqar Hussain

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