I am a Master of Computer Science student at the University of Victoria under the co-supervision of Dr. Daniela Damian and Dr. Neil Ernst. I hold an undergraduate degree in computer science (Software engineering option) and a Business minor from the University of Victoria. I  joined SEGAL Labs as an undergraduate researcher in April 2018 and was able to transition into my current program.

Currently, my research is focused on non-functional requirements in an organization that practices continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. Specifically, I am researching organizational practices aimed to adhere to privacy regulations such as the GDPR and testing privacy non-functional requirements.

Special thanks to Mitacs for partially sponsoring my research.

Colin Werner, Ze Shi Li, Neil Ernst, and Daniela Damian, The Lack of Shared Understanding of Non-Functional Requirements in Continuous Software Engineering: Accidental or Essential?, 2020 28th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, To Appear August 2020. (preprint)

Ze Shi Li, Colin Werner, and Neil Ernst, Continuous Requirements: An Example Using GDPR, 2019 IEEE 27th International Requirements Engineering Conference Workshops (REW). IEEE, 2019. (preprint)

Colin Werner, Ze Shi Li, and Neil Ernst, What Can the Sentiment of a Software Requirements Specification Document Tell Us?, 2019 IEEE 27th International Requirements Engineering Conference Workshops (REW). IEEE, 2019.. (preprint)

Colin Werner, Ze Shi Li, and Daniela Damian, Can A Machine Learn Through Customer Sentiment? A Cost-Aware Approach To Predict Support Ticket Escalations, in IEEE Software, vol. 36, no. 5, pp. 38-45, Sept.-Oct. 2019. DOI.

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