Who Are We?

Dr. Daniela



PhD Student

Ze Shi

PhD Student


PhD Student

Nowshin Nawar

M.Sc. Student


M.Sc. Student


M.Sc. Student





University of Auckland


Full Professor
University of Strasbourg


Research Lab
Auckland University of Technology

Research Assistants


   Dave Cheng, MSc (2022)


 Bernadette Perry, PhD (2022)
Collaborative Learning via Mobile Language Gaming and Augmented Reality: Affordances and limitations of technologies


A. Djawadou Salaou, PhD (2020)
Metric Learning for Multivariate Time Series Analysis Using DTW: Application to remote sensing and software engineering


Trevor Rae, MSc (2020)
Design Requirements to Improve Adoption of Continuous Development Services


Ze Shi Li, MSc (2020)
Complying with the GDPR in the Context of  Continuous Integration


  • Gangajot Kaur (2020)
  • Minh Phuc Nguyen (2020)

David Johnson, PhD (2019)
Muse-XR: Musical Experiments in Extended Reality for Learning and Performance


Dragoș Vodă, MSc (2018)
Clustering Techniques for Release Planning in Software Engineering


Waqar Hussain, Postdoctoral Fellow (2018)
Challenges of Modern DevOps
Now a Postdoctoral Fellow at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.


  • Ryan Habibi (2018)

Lloyd Montgomery, MSc (2017)
Escalation prediction using feature engineering: addressing support ticket escalations within IBM’s ecosystem
Now a PhD student at the MAST Research Group in Hamburg, Germany.


Navpreet Kaur, MSc (2017)
Source of Emergent Contributors in IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management Ecosystem
Now a data analyst at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in Victoria BC, Canada.


Ali Dehghan, MSc (2017)
Predicting likelihood of requirement implementation within the planned iteration
Now a software developer in Vancouver BC, Canada.


  • Simar Arora (2017)
  • Waseem Ullah (2017)
  • Yunlong Li (2017)

Eirini Kalliamvakou, PhD (2013-2016)
A Framework of Collaboration via Autonomy for Commercial Software Teams
Now a Postdoctoral Fellow at The CHISEL Group in Victoria BC, Canada.


Guy Evans, MSc (2014-2016)
Artificial Intelligence: Where We Came From, Where We Are Now, and Where We Are Going
Now a software engineer in Victoria BC, Canada.


Francis Harrison, MSc (2016)
Reference Coupling: A Method for Identifying Software Ecosystems of Technically Dependent Projects
Now a Project Analyst at VIHA in Victoria BC, Canada.


aminah-yussuf-thumbnailAminah Yussuf, MSc (2015)
An Exploration of Emergent Contributors within IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management Ecosystem
Now a Software Developer at Pacific Geotech Systems in Victoria BC, Canada.


kelly-blincoe-thumbnailDr. Kelly Blincoe , PhD (2014), Postdoctoral Fellow (2015)
Timely and Efficient Facilitation of Coordination of Software Developers’ Activities
Now a Lecturer at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.


Ville-Heikkilae-thumbnailDr. Ville T. Heikkilä, Postdoctoral Fellow (2014)
Case studies on release planning in agile development organizations
Now a Postdoctoral Fellow at Aalto University of Finland


Alessia-Knauss-thumbnailDr. Alessia Knauss, PhD (2015)
The Capture and Evolution of Contextual Requirements: The Case of Adaptive Systems
Now a Postdoctoral Fellow at Chalmers University, Sweden


jyoti-sheoran-thumbnailJyoti Sheoran, MSc (2014)
Analysis of Trajectories of Clarifying Communication of Requirements
Now a Software Developer at AbeBooks, Victoria


prashant-chhabra_thumbailPrashant Chhabra, MSc (2014)
Analysis of Students’ Learning for Efficient Task Assignment in a Distributed Scrum Setting


Closeup portrait of cute female executive smiling with colleagues in background

Angela Rook, MSc (2014)
On the Feasibility of Integrating Data Mining Algorithms into Self Adaptive Systems for Context Awareness and Requirements Evolution
Now a Software Engineer at RevenueWire


jordan-ell-thumbailJordan Ell, MSc (2014)
An Exploration of Indirect Conflicts
Now a Software Developer at Ruboss


eric-knauss-thumbnailDr. Eric Knauss, Postdoctoral Fellow (2013)
Requirements Engineering and Communication in distributed Software Evolution Projects
Now a Senior Lecturer at Chalmers, University of Gothenburg


    • Dr. Jorge Aranda, Postdoctoral Fellow (2012)
      Now a Software Developer at Limbic Media

    • Dr. Adrian Schroeter, PhD (2012)
      Improving social relations betweeen developers by leveraging the concept of socio-technical congruence
      Now a Software Developer at VMware

    • Dr. Irwin Kwan, PhD (2011)
      The study of socio-technical coordination using a socio-technical congruence model
      Now a UX Solution Expert at MatLab

    • Dr. Christian Lescher, PhD (2011)
      Collaboration-based metrics for project management support in global software engineering (co-supervised with Bernd Bruegge, TUM Germany)
      Now a Senior Consultant at Siemens, Germany

    • Dr. Sabrina Marczak, PhD (2011)
      On the uderstanding of requirements driven collaboration: a framework and an empirical investigation
      Now a Professor at PUCRS, Brazil

    • Dr. Rafael Prikladniki, PhD (2010)
      Pattens of evolution in the practice of distributed software development within internal offshoring environments: A capability model
      Now a Professor at PUCRS, Brazil

    • Dr. Timo Wolf, Postdoctoral Fellow (2009)
      Developer communication structures and build success
      Now a Software Researcher at Siemens, Germany

    • Lucas Panjer, MSc (2008)
      Towards a broader understanding of coordination in software engineering: a case study of a software development team
      Now Software Developer at TaskTop Technologies

    • Thanh Nguyen, MSc (2009)
      Communication in software engineering teams
      Now a PhD student at Queens University

    • Andrew Swerdlow, MSc (2008)
      Requirements change awareness
      Now System Architect at Google

    • Teresa Mallardo, Doctoral Research Assistant (2007)
      The role of software inspections in distributed development

    • Fabio Calefato, Doctoral Research Assistant (2007)
      Supporting synchonrous communication in distributed software teams

    • Luis Izquierdo, MSc (2007)
      A case study of feature based awareness in a commercial software team and implications for the design of collaborative tools
      Now project manager at VRX Studios

    • Kedar Shrikhande, MSc (2007)
      A survey of methods to analyze multiple stakeholder requirements conflicts in early planning stages of software development
      Now a PhD student at University of Victoria

    • James Chisan, MSc (2005)
      now Program Manager at Google
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