I am a Professor of Software Engineering in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria, where I lead the Software Engineering Global interAction research Lab (SEGAL). I am fortunate to have been working with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to study socio-technical and organizational aspects in software development, as described on the other pages of this website. We research the communication, information flow and coordination among the diverse set of stakeholders beyond the technical dependencies found in software code. Software development is driven by many other dependencies that are not of technical nature, but most often guided by the project requirements or business needs. Large, distributed software projects, and specifically the emerging complex IT ecosystems rely on effective interactions among project stakeholders that include, beyond software developers, suppliers, customers and system end-users as well business partners. These complex interactions cross organizational, functional as well as national, cultural and socio-economic boundaries, making their study important but difficult. In our research projects we employ a synergy of empirical methods, data mining and social network analysis techniques to understand these complex interactions as well as develop methods, processes and tools to improve the effectiveness of communication and coordination in large, distributed software projects. Check out our recent publications for results of our work.

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